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Experience Change

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Dear Kirsten,

Everything seems so pointless at the moment, I was meant to be doing my A levels now, instead I’m having to stay in and do nothing. I studied so hard and now I don’t know what will happen next. I had been working to save money to go travelling, everything has stopped, I can’t see my friends or my boyfriend, and I’m stuck in doors with nothing to do. I can’t decide what to do next and I keep fighting with my family. My mum just constantly has a go at me and my sister is just so annoying, I just wish I could leave, but I can’t even visit my friends.


Dear Lily,

The situation you are in at the moment sounds very difficult for you, you had loads of plans for the future and now everything seems to have shattered. Try and remember that this will also change again. Is there anything you enjoy doing normally? Cooking, baking, painting, reading or writing, listening to music? Any activities that help you distract yourself for some time of the day. And even though often you probably don’t feel like doing anything setting up a small routine can be helpful. There are lots of ways of meeting friends online and although it’s not the same as meeting them in person it can help you feel more connected with the outside world and might make it easier when you can all meet again.

Try not to worry too much about your A levels, everyone is in the same position this year and I am sure plans will be put in place to ensure you receive some results for all the hard work you were doing.

It can be very demanding to get on with other family members, specially as everyone is probably feeling fed up as well at times. If you can find some private space to recharge and then maybe share some of the things you are finding difficult with your mum or sister. If it is too tough to talk maybe you can write it down, try to explain what you are feeling from your point of view, try not to tell your mum or sister what they have done wrong as they will want to defend themselves which may cause more arguments. Hopefully you’ll all have some times that you all feel ok and then you can share some activities, playing games, going for a family walk or preparing a meal for each other and eating together.

Just remember this situation will change.

I wish you all the best,


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